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a form of "forecasting". The nature of Chi is cyclical and as such, can be calculated. Practitioners of Feng Shui have learnt to assess outcomes based on the influence of Chi upon a particular living environment: palmistry and feng shui, palmistry and ba zi, home feng shui, feng shui tips, feng shui suggestion, feng shui prediction, feng shui placement, feng shui master, feng shui home decor, feng shui guide, feng shui fortune, feng shui decorating, feng shui consultant, feng shui consultancy, feng shui bedroom, feng shui analysis, Feng Shui Advice, Feng Shui and Ba Zi Feng Shui. FAttract more light in the family sector of your living space Avoid making any renovation in the Northwest, East and West sectors of the house. Are you surrounded by bad thing? arrangement of objects and furniture that will best suit yourangles on tables create shars (negative energy zones). Also, likewise, the door to the feng shui bathroom should be kept close. The general rule of keeping rooms good luck and things (here: faucets, shower heads, pipes, etc.) in good condition applies also to the bathroom.

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